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Ken Smith


Canadian National Sales Director

Mobile: 604.889.8235


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Ken Smith is a native of Vancouver, B.C. Canada, and has over 30 years of experience  in the field of Sales & Marketing, Small Business Ownership, Training and Personal Development. 

His focus is on the mentoring of serious, committed, highly “coachable” individuals who have crystal clear career objectives. 


Due to Ken’s comprehensive understanding of how to achieve extraordinary success in team building, he is a valuable resource to anyone who is determined to develop a significant part or full-time income in either the Small Business Consultancy, Identity Theft Resolution or Legal Services, profession.

Patti Davison-Smith


Vice President of Western Canada

Mobile: 604.889.8364


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Patti Davison-Smith provides identity theft, legal services, and consulting solutions in Western Canada. The benefit that we provide helps employees with everyday life situations… it provides them a resource to help them NOW – today! 


Patti works with employers to provide two of the most requested benefits:  Legal Care and Identity theft protection.

By offering legal and identity theft services to employees, employers find that their employees have less absenteeism and are more engaged in their work.


We currently offer our legal service and Identity Theft protection in 4 Canadian Provinces.  British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. 


Before joining PSI, Patti traveled and worked around the world, gaining international experience in Canada, the United States, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, which adds an invaluable dimension to this team. Patti has two decades of full-time experience in team building, sales & marketing,  and she has enjoyed the rewards resulted by being in the top one percent of individuals in this industry. 


Patti is a masterful communicator.  Her leadership focuses on transferring the knowledge she’s gained to others so that they can enjoy even greater levels of excellence.