Identity Theft Shield

How is the Identity Theft Shield Different

  • Only ID theft company that backs you with the world’s leading risk consulting company AND provides full restoration.

  • Thieves may commit more than just a crime against you; they may commit crimes as you, using your identity. If this happens you’ll want the experts on your side to help clear up the identity theft issue itself, and you’ll need attorney legal access to help you deal with all the legal entanglements and questions that surface with identity theft.

  • Protects against all 5 types of ID theft.



What put's the consumer at risk?

  • We hand our credit cards to servers at restaurants.

  • We supply personal information over the internet.

  • We give personal information to trusted sources such as banks, schools, doctors,
    dentists, accountants, sports teams, etc.

The high cost of NOT having the Identity Theft Shield…

Have you ever considered what forgoing an identity theft shield protection plan could cost you?

  • Average dollar amount charged in Identity Theft: $92,893

  • Average number of checks written in Identity Theft: 74.6

  • Average number of credit card applications approved through Identity Theft: 8.4



We offer families and individuals….

                  Protection | Security | Peace of Mind.